Ava Adultery with Husband's Father

An argument with her husband over finances at a family party leads her into the arms of her father in law. She wants the thrill over and over and the sex is mind blowing. Taking her bitchy mother in law's man while she in is house makes it even better.

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Valerie Perversion

Valerie begs to be used like a fuckdoll made for a man's pleasure. She can't seem to stop going out to "feed the beast inside her." But is this a fantasy or is she really waiting for you?

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Alyssa Impure Thoughts and Actions

Afternoons with Alyssa’s boyfriend’s mates turns into a sordid affair when one of his friends makes an unexpected visit to the bathroom. Despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to stop craving his big cock even when her boyfriend is nearby. Can she repent?

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Hannah Adultery with Impure Thoughts and Actions

Newlywed nurse Hannah cheats on her husband with a hunky and hung student doctor. First time adultery teaches her what she has been missing as his mouth followed by his fat cock take her over the edge.

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