Karlie Adultery and Same Sex Relations

Married office worker Karlie grows close to a female co-worker. An innocent coffee after work turns into a lesbian encounter that leaves her satisfied and confused.

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Lexi Lust

Married good girl Lexi meets up with an ex-boyfriend for a cup of tea. Things quickly get out of hand however as memories of amazing sex fill her mind.

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Lucia Fornication with Two Men

Sweet Lucia gives into her dark desires to be taken by two men. What starts out as a fantasy becomes a depraved fuckfest as she realizes that she was made to serve more than one man at a time. Normal sex will just never be enough she fears.

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Faye Sodomy

A beautiful summer wedding turns into a torrid adventure for MILF bridesmaid Faye when she gets closer to the newlyweds that she planned. Lust she pleases the bride while the husband looks on and later agrees to fuck the husband with a strap on. Can she ever go back to her old life?

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